Frequently Asked Questions2018-11-01T16:49:11+04:00

Thank you for considering a position with UniTeam Medical. Below are some commonly asked questions about the recruitment process with us. If one of the below doesn’t answer your query, please feel free to email our recruitment team. Please note that we do not accept applications to this email address.

What is the process for submitting an online application?2018-11-01T15:58:22+04:00

All applications can be applied for through our online recruitment portal through our website. The application process takes 15-20 minutes and requires you to complete an application form to provide mandatory information to ensure that you meet the minimum criteria for the advertised position. By submitting an application, you have automatically set up your profile with UniTeam Medical. For a successful application and a rapid response please ensure your application contains all history of previous employment, relevant qualifications and training.

Once you’ve uploaded your details and established a profile, you will be given login details, which will allow you to go back to your profile at a later date.

What if I do not meet the minimum requirements?2018-11-01T15:59:01+04:00

If your skills and experience do not meet the minimum requirements, we encourage you to register your information with us for any future positions that may be applicable. By registering your information with us you have established a profile that can be considered for all future suitable positions. You are able to access and update your profile at any time using your log in details that are provided to you when first registering.

When will I hear back about my application?2018-11-01T15:59:30+04:00

All applications will receive a notification of their application progress and status including unsuccessful applications. When registering your profile, you will only receive a notification of registering.

Do I have to do an application every time I see a job I wish to apply for?2018-11-01T16:00:04+04:00

You <strong>do not</strong> need to apply for each position that interests you. Once you have established a profile within our recruitment portal, your details are stored and referenced by our recruitment team should a suitable vacancy become available.

Can I submit my CV or Resume via email or Social Media?2018-11-01T16:00:39+04:00

Due to security reasons, email attachments will not be opened or reviewed via our recruitment email account or through any of our social media channels. In order for your application to be considered, please submit your resume through our recruitment portal.

Do I need a license to practice clinically in the UAE?2018-11-01T16:01:16+04:00

Yes, you cannot undertake clinical practice in the UAE without the relevant license such as HAAD, MOH, or DHA. Please note that the selection process is influenced by applicants who have successfully completed the dataflow and exam process. This demonstrates a commitment to working in the UAE and focus on obtaining the required licensing to practice in the UAE.

Can I transfer my clinical license from another employer?2018-11-01T16:01:56+04:00

Yes, you are able to transfer your license to UniTeam Medical, and we will support you through this process.