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UniTeam Medical is the UAE’s leading commercial medical repatriation and medical travel provider, operating the country’s first licensed International Patient Escort Service. Our dedicated team of flight nurses are expert practitioners with many years of experience in critical care and aero-medical operations, carefully chosen for each mission by our qualified case managers to suit each patient’s individual needs. Our medical team are familiar with airline oxygen systems, tracheostomy care, gastrostomy feeding, intravenous medication and fluid administration in-flight.

Having developed trusted working relationships with the major airlines, UniTeam Medical is able to provide professional medical assistance services to government entities, corporations, insurance companies, humanitarian aid agencies, hospitals and private families.

With our vast repatriation experience, we have helped organizations and families during times of need to transfer patients all over the world. Since our establishment in 2007, we have successfully repatriated patients to Australia, America, Bangladesh, Canada, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, England, Germany, Ghana, Jordan, Saudi, Iraq, Philippines, India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Nepal, Syria, Somalia, and Oman and Qatar.

Our Capabilities

UniTeam Medical supports patients who are unable to travel on an aircraft without a medical escort due to their medical condition. Our services afford patients the opportunity to travel overseas for specialized medical treatment, or return to their home country for ongoing medical care after illness or injury.

We provide experienced flight nurses and transportable medical equipment to accompany patients from their home or hospital bed throughout their medical journey to the preferred destination country for ongoing medical care and treatment.

UniTeam Medical is licensed for patient escort services by the Health Authority Abu Dhabi, and we have a team of highly skilled critical care flight nurses experienced in transport and retrieval medicine.

Our Patients

We have the capability to transfer walking, wheelchair and stretcher bound patients depending upon their medical needs. Many of the patients we transfer have severe, long term medical conditions and require close supervision and specialized in-flight management by our flight nurses.

Some patients that are recovering from illness or injury are able to be seated in economy class, business class or first class depending upon their medical problems. Some patients however may require a medical stretcher and medical oxygen system to be fitted on-board the aircraft. All of these arrangements are coordinated by our Case Managers directly with the airline to ensure an optimum environment is available on-board to facilitate a safe and stable transfer.

Our Service

A typical UniTeam Medical patient escort mission starts with a patient evaluation to assess suitability to fly on a scheduled airline. The majority of our patients are deemed fit-to-fly on a scheduled commercial airline, however some patients are not eligible due to the severity of their medical condition, and may require the more specialized arrangements of an air ambulance.

UniTeam Medical takes the hassle and stress out of organising a patient transfer. Our expert case managers are dedicated to the success of every case, and carefully coordinate the logistical elements involved to ensure each patient transfer is managed comfortably, safely and quickly.

Our coordination process includes:

  • Patient Evaluation to determine fitness to fly;

  • Airline Medical Clearance with medical certification;

  • Airline ticketing and arrangement of stretcher and oxygen system in-flight;

  • Ground ambulance arrangements and airport passes; and

  • Hospital discharge arrangements and admission if required.

Our Case Managers are able to achieve the most cost effective solution, choosing airlines and services best suited to meeting the patients’ needs while managing transfer costs efficiently.

Why choose UniTeam Medical for patient escort services?

Understanding patient needs and preparing them for international air travel requires specialized know-how. UniTeam Medical is committed to the provision of quality services and we have implemented international standards of best practice that underpin our service delivery. Choosing an experienced provider like UniTeam Medical is critical assurance for organizations or families needing medical travel or repatriation of their employees or family members.

Contact us for a confidential discussion with one of our case managers about your transfer requirements.