Introduction to Medical Terminology2018-11-24T14:39:35+04:00

Every industry features technical terminology, industry jargon and language which may be unfamiliar to those not working in the sector. The Healthcare business is no different.

Identifying a need in the market, particularly in multi-cultural and multi-lingual countries such as the UAE, UniTeam developed the Introduction to Medical Terminology course. This course is suitable for those working in the administrative and operational health care settings and medical establishments (e.g., insurance companies), or those interested in a career as a medical secretary or ward clerk.

This course aims to:

  • prepare and educate participants on the importance of deciphering complicated medical terms by recognizing and analyzing the meanings of individual word parts such as prefixes, word roots, and suffixes;

  • provide a solid foundation in medical language; and

  • afford participants an extensive hands-on practice environment utilizing case studies.

The course seeks to encourage participants to ‘learn by doing’, utilizing tasks such as writing terms, labeling diagrams, and completing exercises and review sheets.

Introduction to Medical Terminology is acknowledged as a Continuing Professional Development course by the Health Authority Abu Dhabi.

See our course calendar for our list of current and future events and registration, or contact our sales department to arrange a group booking.