Ergonomics Awareness: Preventing Occupational Overuse Injuries2018-11-24T14:27:49+04:00

Ergonomics is the study between people and their work environment, and in particular, how people interact with their work space so as to reduce injuries, work more productively, and make less errors.

Repetitive strain injuries are a common result of poor ergonomics practices. There are a number of factors which can cause repetitive strain injuries. People who work in offices tend to perform a number of tasks which are repetitive. Some of these can cause repetitive strain injuries when the task is performed for a long period with a break. These include:

  • Using a mouse;

  • Using a keyboard;

  • Sitting in same position for a long time;

  • Using equipment which is not setup correctly.

This course takes participants through the theory of ergonomics in the workplace, as well as practical components of ergonomics. Participants are given opportunities throughout the day to practice their skills and knowledge through a series of scenarios, with the final stage requiring participants to conduct a complete ergonomic assessment of a worker and their workstation.

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