Effective Leadership and Staff Management for Healthcare Professionals2018-11-24T14:23:25+04:00

Anyone employed in a management or senior position within an organization needs to possess strong interpersonal skills, good people management skills and be able to lead their team effectively and with purpose. Fundamentally, the concepts of leadership and staff management do not differ across industries. However, UniTeam is of the belief that senior healthcare professionals are subject to stressors and working environments which are unlike many other professions. Subsequently, we developed the Effective Leadership and Management for Healthcare Professionals course, written by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals. UniTeam designed this course to provide education to healthcare professionals and healthcare support staff looking to deliver professional standards of effective leadership and staff management skills in their areas of operation.

The course is high interactive, providing participants with the opportunity to practice the skills learned throughout the day. The goals of the program are to help participants understand their personal leadership style and how that impacts the way they manage their staff. This practical course offers skills and techniques which can help healthcare staff learn new techniques to lead and manage their staff more effectively in a positive, professional manner.

See our course calendar for our list of current and future events and registration, or contact our sales department to arrange a group booking.