Effective Communication for Healthcare Professionals2018-11-24T14:34:08+04:00

Possessing strong communication skills in the healthcare industry is highly valuable. The benefits can be observed both within the team, with the patient, and also with the family and friends of the patient. The end result is ultimately improved patient outcomes.

Consider these situations:

  • During emergency scenario, how important is it to be able to clearly articulate what equipment or support you need to affect a life-saving treatment?

  • When sharing technical or clinical information with the patient or their family, how important is it to be able to provide this information in a way that holds meaning, and provides assurance or comfort?

UniTeam’s Effective Communication for Healthcare Professionals course is intended for clinicians and healthcare support staff who interact with the public and who wish to deliver professional standards of communication and customer service in healthcare.

The course is highly interactive, providing participants with the opportunity to practice the skills learned throughout the day. In addition to teaching strategies to improve communication within the participant’s immediate working group, the program also aims to reveal the importance of personal input when it comes to working with customers, especially those who may display difficult behavior, often due to anxiety and illness.

See our course calendar for our list of current and future events and registration, or contact our sales department to arrange a group booking.