Patient Safety Goals Enhanced2018-11-24T12:09:04+04:00

The statistics regarding poor patient safety in hospitals and healthcare facilities is quite alarming. A significant number of patients die in hospital every year as a direct result of medical errors, and for those patients who suffer permanent disability from poor patient safety, the costs (both financial and non-financial) to patients and hospitals are significant. Studies in the US have estimated over $20 billion per year in medical errors. Patient Safety is not optional, it is essential!

UniTeam’s Patient Safety Goals course has been designed to provide healthcare professionals with both the skill and the enthusiasm for promoting high quality patient safety within their clinical environment. The course provides awareness of the biggest risks to patient safety in the current clinical environment, and provides participants with the knowledge of best practice in relation to international and national Patient Safety Goals. UniTeam has developed this course with reference to the JCI recommendations, and has ensured it is compliant with HAAD standards for Patient Safety Goals.

UniTeam would recommend this course for any nurses, midwives and other healthcare providers who are interested in refreshing their knowledge and/or learning about Patient Safety Goals.

This course is accredited for 7 Category 1 Continuing Medical Education hours by the Health Authority Abu Dhabi.

See our course calendar for our list of current and future events and registration, or contact our sales department to arrange a group booking.