Airway Interventions and Management in Emergencies (AIME)2018-11-24T13:52:30+04:00

UniTeam’s AIME course is designed to teach clinicians working in pre-hospital, emergency departments or critical care environments the skills required to manage an airway in an emergency.

While the course is designed for physicians and paramedics, UniTeam would encourage emergency department nurses, critical care nurses and EMTs to explore the benefits of upskilling in this area.

The learning outcomes from this course include:

  • The importance of airway management as an ‘advanced’ procedure which involves much more than the simple placement of an endotracheal tube;

  • Being able to determine the most appropriate method of airway management based on the particulars of the patient;

  • Whether or not to use pharmacologic adjuncts to facilitate the chosen airway management methodology; and

  • What to do if things go wrong.

These decisions are ones which must be made quickly and confidently, and this course is dedicated to supporting clinicians in making these critical airway-management decisions.

See our course calendar for our list of current and future events and registration, or contact our sales department to arrange a group booking.