Familiarising Yourself with First Aid

>>Familiarising Yourself with First Aid

Familiarising Yourself with First Aid

Emergency specialists and pre-hospital clinicians have long spoken of the importance of the ‘Golden Hour’; the period of time following a severe injury or trauma in which first aid yields the most benefit. While some argue a lack of scientific basis surrounding the 60 minute rule, it is undeniable that prompt application of first aid, especially in instances of severe trauma of serious injury, can mean the difference between life and death.

First aid training is not just only for trauma cases or serious emergencies. It is also useful for the treatment of minor cuts, abrasions, bites, burns, and other mild or non-emergency conditions.  Being aware of, and competent in the most appropriate first aid treatment may make all the difference in a patient living or dying.

Some of the most common situations where first aid can prove very helpful, or indeed lifesaving, is when someone:

  • Is choking;
  • Is suffering an asthma attack;
  • Is suffering from severe bleed;
  • Has broken a bone; or
  • Has minor burns.

In situations such as the ones listed above, simple acts such calling an ambulance in a timely manner or applying cold water to a burn can save a life or reduce recovery time.   Even children can learn to provide first aid.  First aid techniques are typically simple and uncomplicated so that just about anyone who undertakes a first aid course can follow them and apply them with ease, as and when required

Remember; first aid is about keeping someone alive long enough for medical assistance to arrive. In a busy city like Abu Dhabi, peak traffic periods can result in longer wait times before an ambulance arrives.  As a responsible colleague or family member, one might seriously consider obtaining knowledge about first aid, which could not only help your loved ones but also help others.

Uniteam Medical Assistance provides first aid and advanced first aid training courses at three main locations around the UAE, or in your workplace. Go to our website at www.uniteamed.com and learn more about the courses we offer.  Being certified in the provision of first aid will give you the confidence to help a friend or family member in their time of need.  These skills are also applicable or necessary at your place of work.  For example, government offices, schools or child care professionals.