Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Ah, the digital age! What a great era we live in, and what a great way to do business.  It does come with a need to consider the risks, however.  Especially for businesses who rely heavily on electronic capabilities to service their customers, manage their business, and support their operations regionally, nationally and internationally.  This reliance means that companies need to think about the ‘what if’. What if disaster strikes? What if the IT systems go down and all your customer data is lost.  Days, weeks and months of work may be wasted and your ability to conduct day-to-day business will likely be affected.

UniTeam has thought about the ‘what if’. We’ve acknowledged the importance of business continuity and information security in times of crisis, and we’ve implemented a Disaster Recovery (DR) process which we believe puts us ahead of our competitors in the industry. The process we’ve implemented sees us regularly backing up our important systems, files, website and database to an onshore, secure location here in the UAE.  We replicate our services every five minutes to ensure continuous protection.  Should we need to restore any data on-site quickly or move training locations at short notice, we have a door-to-door backup delivery solution which conducts an onsite restore or mobilises our operations to an alternative training location. Additionally, we’ve virtualised our systems which allows us the ability to manage our business remotely until such time as the functionality of our physical servers is returned.  This solution means we can physically access our data in a matter of hours rather than days, thus giving us the business continuity capability that we want.

So what does this all mean for our clients and customers? Principally, it demonstrates our commitment to best practice in DR and business continuity planning.  As a client or a customer of UniTeam, you can be assured that the data held by UniTeam is safe and secure and accessible, irrespective of external influences; data such as personal details, personal training history with UniTeam, and any financial records and accounts.  This DR process also minimizes the likelihood of any disruption to pre-booked training plans or training schedules, resulting in business continuity for our clients and customers as well as for UniTeam.